Palestine House Educational and Cultural Center (a non-profit Organization) was established in June 1992, by joint efforts of various Palestinian Canadian Associations. Palestine House serves as an educational, social and cultural center of the Palestinian Canadian Community and to all Canadians at large.

Objective of Palestine House


-To promote and maintain Palestinian culture, identity and heritage.

-To help new immigrants settle and integrate into Canadian society by providing them with English language instructions, counselling, job/housing search ...etc

-To provide and facilitate access to direct social and community services.

-To promote and encourage activities and projects that are consistent with and will further the objectives of Palestine House.

-To accept and maintain funds received in the form of donations, gifts legacies and bequests, and donate all or part of these funds to charitable purposes.

-To provide individuals and institutions assistance and promotion in the field of education, welfare, medicine and arts.

-To establish, construct and maintain liaisons with other community centers similar to ours in other cities.